Monday, September 3, 2007

Third Time Was NOT a Charm

Well, so much for my last outdoor show of the year. This was my third year participating in the Olympia Harbor Days show. It's a great and fun show but it obviously isn't the right place for me to sell my jewelry. I don't know if I just suck at doing shows or if my work is just too expensive for these types of shows now. *sigh*

It wasn't a *total* loss! :) I met a bunch of great people, collected quite a few names for my newsletter, and got to spend lots of time with my little cousin Jordyn. And Trooper REALLY loved seeing her. He's practically as big as she is!

Friday I set up and opened up a little early - around 4 - and it went until 8 p.m. I did not sell one item. Saturday morning we opened up and the booth looked fabulous!

I spent quite a bit to get all matching display items from Rio Grande. That's the only place I could find that had these pretty natural colored displays.

I decided that my new TS Harrington photos HAD to be part of my display so I printed out two of them. I wish I could show them all off at the same time. Ha!

I think my booth looked fairly nice...classy and elegant. But apparently it wasn't enough to get people to buy. It cost $225 to be in the show. I need to pay my super duper helper at least $150 (and that doesn't seem like nearly enough for two full days work!). And we only sold $650. *sigh*

On the other hand I met someone who reads my blog!!! It is so weird to think that a stranger reads my words. And then get to meet them! :) She also makes jewelry - and I was so GREEN with envy when I saw her work. Her name is Susanna Tam and she works with silver. She was selling a lot every time I walked by her booth so I'm even more jealous!

I also got to see and chat with my friend Pam of Paper Scissors Rock. I got some of her goodies! And it was great talking with her...her advice for me is to get into higher end shows or just start going to retail stores. One of these days I will approach a store!

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washingtonsu said...

Hey Megan!

You are so sweet to mention me (and link up) in your blog! I was very pleasantly surprised! I really DO like reading your blog and I was excited to see what you had to say about the show! Oooo...I guess I'm not a 'stranger' anymore! Yeah!

It was really great meeting you too! You are every bit as funny and nice and helpful in person as in your blog!

Now, to your new looks fantastic!! So professional and it showcases your jewelry beautifully! I like your new logo too. I LOVE the new T.S. Harrington photos!!! Not that your other photos are bad...I only wish I could take photos that good!! And of course, your jewelry in reality is 100 times more gorgeous than the pics can show!

The new display and booth setup looks very lovely and tasteful. I love the red/burgundy and cream color you used. I think it was worth it to get all the 'matchy-matchy' stuff from RG!

I do hope we get the chance to meet again sometime and talk a bit more. In the meantime, I eagerly be awaiting more posts from you. BLOG ON!

Susanna :')