Friday, September 28, 2007

Cheap or Safe?

This article about why some children's jewelry is made with lead is beyond disturbing. Who cares how safe it is as long as it's cheap?!? Ridiculous!

"The shiny tiaras and bracelets that little girls love to wear need to contain lead despite its dangers to keep the cost down for consumers, the Fashion Jewelry Trade Association told a congressional committee on Thursday."

How sick is that?

"If the plating is destroyed, the object should be destroyed," Gale told Reuters after testifying. "Plating renders the lead inaccessible."

And how often does plating wear off? How about ALL the freaking time? That is why I don't use plated items in my work. And why I found it ironic after reading this article to see all the children's jewelry recalls due to lead.

"Even small amounts of lead exposure can do permanent harm in kids, causing behavioral problems and reduced intelligence, said Dr. Dana Best, a pediatrician
at Children's National Medical Center who also testified before the panel said that even small amounts of lead exposure can cause permanent harm to children, including behavioral problems."

Don't go cheap - spend a few extra bucks and support independent designers. You'll be supporting great indie folks and making sure your kids (or you!) isn't exposed needlessly to harmful items.

Buy handmade! These cute hairbows are so precious.

My goal is to research and find safe toys and accessories for kids so stay tuned!

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Leah said...

Yikes, that is scary, and something I find myself needing to think about as I'm a soon-to-be mom. It's a very good reason to support independent designers though!