Monday, September 24, 2007

Stupid Smart People

I started this on Friday but it was too depressing to post on a happy Friday. So it's Monday and this is perfect Monday news.

Sometimes I really wonder how some people get to the successful positions they hold because they are so clearly and blatantly stupid and moronic.

Imagine a university professor in the late 1930s inviting Hitler to speak to the students. Can't imagine such a ridiculous thing can you? Oh basically HAPPENED and at the exact same university!!!!
" 1933, Columbia president Nicholas Murray Butler invited Nazi Germany's ambassador to the United States, Hans Luther, to speak on campus, and also hosted a reception for him." Butler insisted. He was "entitled to be received...with the greatest courtesy and respect. ... Students who criticized the Luther invitation were derided as "ill-mannered children" ..."

Unbelievable. Count me in as an ill-mannered child today! One of those "children" was even expelled! So there were people back then who saw the truth and stood up for what was right. Unlike those who hid their eyes from the obvious.

Today it is even worse - we have the president of Columbia University saying that it's okay to invite our actual modern day Hitler (not to mention Holocaust denier, wanting to destroy Israel, executing homosexuals and adulturers...oh and little girls who are raped) in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

WHAT?!?!? What is wrong with this picture? I'm all for open dialogue and listening to different ideas, but there comes a point where black is black, white is white, and wrong is just plain wrong. This man wants to destroy Israel, wants to get Nukes to do it, and denies the Holocaust ever took place. He heads a government who executes homosexuals and women who are raped. It's even thought that he has murdered people (Americans!) in his own terrorist past.

*** LALALALALALA *** Hands over eyes *** Head in the Sand *** Hear no evil...see no evil. He's just a man with an opinion and after all it's free speech and all that crap. But when he nukes Israel they'll blame the western world somehow. Instead of blaming the evil that they ignored.

It makes me sick that schools are such dens of "anything goes" and I'm glad that I never was subjected to on campus crap like this. [I got my degree online!] I wish I could fly out and help the protesters.

In all my history classes, reading, and watching documentaries about the evil Hitler brought into the world I wondered how I would have reacted if I were alive in that time. I always liked to believe that I would stand up and be against such obvious hatred and evil. Hitler never hid how he felt and never tried to hide what he wanted to do. And neither is Mahmoud. His intentions are clear and evil. Welcome to 1933.

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