Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Silly Doggy

My dogs are so silly sometimes. It's never dull around here.

Trooper is now 14 months old and is very mischevious. He really wants to eat the cats and every time I open the garage door to go feed them he is right there by my side waiting for them to visit. And of course Mischief likes to sneak in when I open the door and he's not afraid of Trooper at all! Silly cat. He wants to eat you!!! He obviously has no idea and cozies up (you know how cats like to rub up agains things...he does that!) to the puppy boy who I am sternly commanding "leave it" with my hand poised above his neck in case he pounces.

So far we've been lucky. The other day though Jazmyn snuck in the house and he had her cornered under the bed in the spare room. On my hands and knees, as I tried to get her out and take her back to the garage he jumped OVER me to get to her. The rascal. Lots of screaming occured but the cats lived. Phew!

And somehow he must think if he gets low enough that mommy and daddy won't see him! I love this picture.

And of course he loves his brother and sister. It cracks me up when he cuddles up with brother.

Doesn't Kodiak look thrilled? That is a full sized couch...and they take up the whole dang thing!

Of course my favorite position Trooper takes up is his very cozy sleeping on his back position. It's impossible to resist.

We clearly need to have non-furry, two legged children! Ha!

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