Thursday, November 1, 2007

Time for Recovery

My poor baby dog. He's so drugged up. But the good news is that he came through the surgery and is still a happy boy! :) He is still wanting to beg for food and loves getting his ears rubbed. He even laid down this morning and wanted me to rub his belly.

He absolutely does NOT want to play with his little brother. I video taped their stand off yesterday. This is Kodiak's first day home after surgery and he's pinned in with our mobile gate (best investment we ever made for the dogs!).

His skin is itchy from where they shaved him. I'm so sad that he had to be shaved yet again...his fur was JUST starting to grow back from his surgery last year. :( So far he's leaving his stitches alone fairly well, but we are using that horrible plastic cone thing when he sleeps at night.
Another funny video...

Thank you all those who have posted and contacted me about my boy. He's our first dog ... kind of our "first born" if you will. And he's always been such a sweet and playful dog. I hope he is with us for many more years.


Hank said...

Silly question. Why, after that surgery, did they not give him a pain patch? It should be on a shaved area right behind his neck. Every dog we have had who has had serious surgery has come home with a patch for pain management for the first couple of days.

CastoCreations said...

I honestly do not know. And it never occured to me to ask. I'm very good at giving pills but it still would be more consistent pain management to have a patch.

He seems to be doing pretty good pain wise. He's crying a LOT less than he was last night. He likes to be near us though.

He hasn't actually had a pain pill for more than 14 hours but he did have his "knock out" pills as I like to call them. He's very sleepy. We're watching him very closely and my MIL is going to be watching him tomorrow while I get ready for a show.

I will definitely ask our vet why no pain patch though!

Crystal said...

Awwww, I love them; they're so pretty! And funny. :)

I'm glad he's doing better.