Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun Gifts that aren't Handmade

Okay...I LOVE handmade stuff but I also love to browse catalogs. I get so many it's kind of sad but I really love to look through all the fun goodies available out there.

Check out this neat Puzzle Coaster Set from Chiasso. For only $25! What a great gift idea.

Know a gardener? This quirky gift is so great! Sunflower Kit "Ben & Jerry's Terra Fuela" from looks almost good enough to eat. It's even the same price as my favorite flavor, Karamel Sutra, $4.95.
And check out this cool clock...made with gears from Bits and Pieces. It's only $19.99.

I'll get back to handmade blogging now. Feel free to shop for handcrafted jewelry - you won't see me blogging about commercially produced jewelry...unless it's Tiffanys!


Anonymous said...

When I got home from work there was the ring I ordered from you and it is more then I expected.

The abstract disign is eye catching. I would like to see this design done with an unpolished stone.

Very, Very Happy!!

Anonymous said...

wow, love that clock.
I prefer handmade too however there are just some things that aren't handmade that are too cute.
I know of a special someone who would love a clock like to take a look.