Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Am Not Alone

As I drove to work this morning I contemplated the annoying intrusion of "Green" into my nightly veg out routine. I enjoy plopping down on the couch and vegging out to my favorite TV shows like Chuck, Bones, House, and yes, even America's Next Top Model. I fully admit to being a total TV junkie.

And in the last few days some of my favorite shows have jumped on the Green bandwagon and started lecturing me on my harmful impact on the planet.

*insert very obvious eye roll here*

I am SO sick of being lectured to...not to mention having people try to scare me into thinking the earth is going to end soon if I don't throw away my car and walk to work. I LIKE my car. I actually even like my commute. It's me time. I can listen to the radio (or yell at it in some cases) or music or nothing and just drive in quiet.

I'm not opposed to the idea of keeping things clean and pretty. I don't like pollution. It's icky. It makes things stink and look bad. But compared to 30 years ago, my state is practically pristine. It's not perfect, of course, but it's pretty darn gorgeous here.

I recycle (most of the time) though not obsessively. I do my best to get the most miles out of my car. But not to save the planet...I don't want to have to spend a ton on gas. I would NEVER pour oil down a drain. I never litter (my own husband would write me a ticket if I did, trust me on that).

So when Sunday night football becomes so ridiculous as to lecture me to turn off my lights as they sit in a dark studio I get a little annoyed. NBC has turned their peacock logo green. It's all about sustainability and enviro-friendliness. Arg! Leave me alone! All I want to do is watch TV in peace.

And it turns out that I am not alone in my annoyance. Eco-Fatigue is starting to hit and I am SO glad! I'm sick of being told that I need to buy carbon credits and monitor my carbon footprint. What a ridiculous concept. Whoever came up with buying carbon credits is now rolling on a bed somewhere with $1,000 bills laughing at all of you who think this is a legitimate idea.

I was laughing hysterically during last night's episode of Chuck. My concern for how they were going to turn this great show into some politically correct spew was unfounded. One of the main characters is this annoying power tripping guy who was being a recycling nazi. Made recycling look real fun (insert sarcasm). And then some hippy dippy loser was trying to save the planet by planting trees, who 'Casey' properly squashed. Then it turned out the hippy dippy loser was an undercover CIA agent who shows up to save the day with a big 'ol gun! ROFL Take that enviro-wackos! I was loving it!!!

Thank you, Chuck, for not making one of my new favorite shows into some lame Al Gore wannabe appeal to save the planet.


Crystal said...

The more I read your blog, the more I love you.


Sunny said...

I have joined up at my youngest child's school to volunteer in the Environmental Club, or as some are calling it, The Green Team. It's an after school program that works with the kids to educate them in small and fun ways to think before they litter, to think before they throw something in the trash instead of the recycling bins...composting, you get the idea. The funniest part are the ladies who began this program; all but one drive big hulking Ford Expeditions and Chev. Tahoes - 2 drive Hummers. We live in a city (Dallas, Texas) and of all of their families, the most children in the family are 3.

By the way I love "Chuck". Great show, I too love how they handled the 'green' issues.