Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life is Good - Go Shopping

I love to shop for other people. Christmas is my absolutely favorite time of year. I LOVE to think about what might make someone happy and excited. It's even better if they scream with delight (I've gotten that reaction twice with my little cousin's!).

What says love more than a handcrafted gift? Love, time, and attention goes into things made by hand by an artisan who enjoys their work. I'm not bashing commercial items (I love the mall!) but sometimes handmade gets a bad rap.

Here are some seriously awesome handcrafted goodies that I think everyone should consider this Christmas and Hanukkah season.

For the Knitter in your life - Stitch Markers from Vanilla Lotus.

Stay warm! This beautiful handcrafted (okay, it's machine stitching...but you need hands to run the machine!) quilt from Warm n Fuzzies is a steal at $60.

And oh my goodness...I love cupcakes! Why not add them to the Christmas tree? The Cup Cakery thinks it's a great idea.

Do you love goldfish? I always killed ours. So these Goldfish Cups by CG Studio would be perfect for me - easy care fish!

This apron by Mom's Retro Fashions almost makes me want to hit the kitchen and cook...almost. Could I just wear it while I make jewelry???

Trust me, there will be more.


Jennifer said...

LOLOLOL Megan, I would TOTALLY wear that apron while making jewelry. LOL Ok, maaaaybe not while making jewelry, *cheesy grin* but, DEFINITELY in the kitchen! Wow, that is one awesome apron!


CastoCreations said...

I know! Right! It rocks. =D