Friday, November 2, 2007

It's Show Time

Ahhh...another show. I always say that I hate shows, but you know what? Sometimes they are fun. This particular one is local - not more than 10 minutes away from my house - at the local county fairgrounds. I've been part of this one for more than 4 years - maybe 5...time flies.

It's an 8 x 8 space, smaller than normal, but it's not bad. I actually lucked into the space. It's in the main building (out of 4) and one of the first places people will go...and it's a corner space. I'm loathe to stop doing this show even though it's not really my market any longer. Mostly little old ladies (so cute!) and moms with kids looking for some entertainment and a good deal. My work is no longer their price point.

But I decided that for $65 it was worth it to do the show at least once more. I have tons of older inventory that I cringe at the idea of taking apart but am never going to sell unless it's at a show like this ... and I offer it at 50% off.

So I made some signs - "Inventory Clearance", "50% off" - we'll see if I can move some stuff. If not I'll be bringing items home and getting some quick photos to post in my Etsy shop. I don't want to add things to my main site because I'm working so hard to focus my site on a consistent look. The things I'm trying to move are not part of that look any longer.

Wish me luck!

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