Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tears for a Best Friend

Dogs truly are a man's (and woman's) best friend. Seeing one age is almost harder to me than watching people get older.

Rachel Lucas is currently going through what I think is one of the hardest decisions...whether it is time to say goodbye to her dog Digger. Reading her post and the comments is making me cry. I hate to cry. But I can't stop reading!

My dogs are so precious and special to me. They bring me such joy and happiness...even when they are their naughty selves and cost us oodles of money in surgery, vaccines, food, and all the treats we lavish on them.

Quinn in particular is starting to get older. I've started taking more photos of her because I never want to forget how happy she is. She still jumps around like a little puppy when we take a walk. I can't even say 'walk' without all three dogs whining. But she can't walk as far as she used to...starts to slow down after only a couple of laps around the neighborhood. Trooper could still pull an entire sled team after two laps.

We've tried diet foods but she's still a chunk...look at all those rolls! I think daddy slips her too many treats.

Kodiak is still happy go lucky but has had so many issues with his back legs that I shudder to think about how much pain he will someday be in...I can't stand the thought of not being able to prevent that pain! He is SO happy...I love seeing him "smile." Or stick his tongue out at me. HAHAHAHA!!!

And Trooper...oh boy...what can I say about this little (or big) monster. Trooper Bear is the perfect name for him. He lumbers with no tought to his own personal space or taking over other's personal space. He's a goof ball and loves to play - tug of war, catch, wrestling. He is a delight and true entertainment on a daily basis. He's also a trouble maker who likes to antagonize Quinn...and he started peeing on hubby's base woofer! ROFL That wasn't well received. He gets snipped next week!

He looks like trouble doesn't he? lol He's a stinker...and a total love bug. He loves to cuddle which is great because the other two dogs aren't big on cuddling.

At least they have a sport that they all can play together...begging.


Crystal said...

They're all so pretty!

What does Trooper have in his mouth?

CastoCreations said...


It's a stuffed bone. He holds things in his mouth like that and looks like he's smokin' a stogie. LOL He is pure joy!

Jennifer said...

They are all so beautiful!
I read Rachel's blog and cried yesterday too.