Friday, November 9, 2007

The Perfect Storm

This week has been brutal. The perfect storm of incidents to make it miserable.

It probably started last weekend - I had a craft show on Friday night and Saturday. I knew it would be slow - my prices are too high for this demographic - but I'd signed up for it earlier in the year and didn't want to cancel. So that felt like a waste of time, even though I did have a few sales.

No time to relax on Sunday because I got swamped with bead orders and three jewelry orders. Which is fabulous! But also stressful. And my mom needed my help in showing her car to someone (she was on vacation) which took several hours.

Monday rolls around and my 'real' job is uber-stressful. It normally is challenging and I love that. But sometimes I get requests that frustrate and stress me out. Monday night I packed a bunch of bead orders and got read to go to the post office on Tuesday.

Now, one of those perfect storm things is building...I am bipolar (something I will blog at length about later) and there are times when I am very "UP" and other times when I'm very "down"...most of the time I'm pretty much in the middle. Unfortunately, one of these icky down times decided to hit me Monday and lasted until Wednesday. *sigh*

So, not only am I very down at the time, but after going to the post office on Tuesday I realize that I had screwed up at least two of the bead orders. :( I sent the wrong beads to one person, and left out one person's beads all together! I couldn't find another person's beads that she'd ordered so I had to go apologize and issue a refund for that. I ended up refunding at least three orders and still sending the beads out. Which is fine...they are destash items ... but I hate messing up!

Thankfully, by later Wednesday my mood wasn't nearly so down (though still not up by any means) and I was able to focus and work on getting several more bead orders ready to ship on Thursday.

Thursday I get a call that another person's beads had broken in transit. ARG!!! What next? What else can go wrong?

Oh but wait...standing in line at the post office Thursday took forever and I was late for my dentist appointment. So they decided to reschedule me. *sigh* This was the last straw for my husband who flipped out and demanded that I slow down.

HA! I don't know the meaning of the word relax and he wants me to slow down. No - sir - ee. If it weren't for my down moment I probably could have handled this week better. Unfortunately all the little things added up and really hit me hard.

So I am beyond grateful for the weekend. I am also grateful for my friends online (I don't have many in the real world LOL) who sent encouraging messages and prayed for me. I know that those prayers helped!!!


Gemheaven said...

{{hugs}} I didn't know you were bi-polar hun! I have suffered from depression and understand the storm - to me it was standing on a cliff edge about to fall!

Take care of yourself

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry you hit a down patch. I'm not bipolar, but I do suffer regular bouts with depression. It's not fun. And unfortunately, it seems it just has to play out sometimes. Thinking about you. Prayers and positive energy. Snuggle the pup and take hubby's advice.

And yeah, online friends are really awesome.

Tasha Chawner said...

I'm thinking of you too, Megan. Like the other girls the 'black dog' used to be a friend of mine, and I had a particularly 'down' patch a couple weeks back. Said and did some pretty dumb things - but thankfully got through it. Like you too, my online buddies are my saving grace. Do try to slow down though (I know, when you are working for yourself, when is there time for 'time off'). Hope your weekend was enough to recharge your batteries.
Take care,

Liz said...

I don't have depression or bipolar but i have seen it first hand with my students all the time and I feel for them-I try to help in some small way whether it is a jesture of good will or a note saying, "you are 'loved'" or a nutritious snack to get them through at least the school hours. Please take care of yourself and remember - "you are loved" (SMILE)

Crystal said...

Wow, what a week. I hope this week is better for you! I don't really know much about bipolar, but I do know how miserable it is to be "down".