Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doggy Beer

Okay...my dog, Trooper, is an alcoholic. We try not to enable him but sometimes it's funny to watch him follow daddy around begging for beer or wine. (His father's name is Hooch...maybe it's genetic.)

He even knocked a bottle of wine off the counter and would have drank it all if I hadn't caught him in the act.

Well, now he may be able to enjoy a cold one with papa.

Bowser Beer may be the ticket.

Thank you, Rare Bird Finds for finding this incredibly funny doggy treat.

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instinct said...

My dad had a horse that if you left a beer anywhere close to him he would pick it up in his teeth (where else?) drink the whole thing and then drop the can on the ground and crush it.

We never told our friends about that so we always had a good laugh when they would set their beer on the fencepost and when they would turn around it would be gone.