Friday, February 15, 2008

Three Day Weekend, Here I Come!

This has been a very stressful week for me. Work has been absolutely insane and it won't stop being so today either.

I also was in SheFinds Jewelry Showcase and have several orders (some rather large) to fill from that. And my Mother in Law's birthday is tomorrow and I am in charge of planning and coordinating. *sigh*

And to add to my depression (I use the term loosely here, I'm not actually depressed...just stressed) the first two things I read this morning are total downers.

First, the absolutely adorable looking Snow Buddies was made with underage dogs, some of whom died. This ticks me off because I know how important the first eight weeks of a dog's life are with their mom. My MIL wanted this movie but hell if I am going to buy it now.

And then on Rachel Lucas' blog I read a supremely sad and distressing story of the worst customer service EVER. There is a time to follow policy and a time to throw the rule book out the window. This was one of those times. Screw the rules. Give the guy his daughter's phone. Jeez. What is wrong with people? This is how NOT to do public relations.

I'll have to update the blog again today because this is just too depressing to keep up all weekend long. But I had to get it out of my system. If the T-Mobile story from Rachel's blog makes you as angry as I am, feel free to spread it around the net and even call T-Mobile. If I were their customer I'd totally be canceling right now. BAD corporation! I like big business but companies like this give big business a bad name. :(

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instinct said...

I sent T-Mobile a nice little nasty-gram about that situation. For a company that made 1.41 BILLION last quarter they sure are worried about a $50 dollar phone.