Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Didn't Lose, We Gave Up

I wasn't alive for the Vietnam war. My mom tells me that my dad marched against it. That nugget of info brought me quite a bit of shame. I'm sure my father is looking down on me and wondering where he went wrong.

We were winning the war. The anti-war protesters were doing nothing more than they do now ... blocking streets and annoying regular citizens trying to live their lives.

And here's a shocker - the media rose the white flag for America and brought our defeat and humiliation to fruition.

"...the desperate fury of the communist attacks including on Saigon, where most reporters lived and worked, caught the press by surprise. (Not the military: It had been expecting an attack and had been on full alert since Jan. 24.) It also put many reporters in physical danger for the first time. Braestrup, a former Marine, calculated that only 40 of 354 print and TV journalists covering the war at the time had seen any real fighting. Their own panic deeply colored their reportage, suggesting that the communist assault had flung Vietnam into chaos."

"...thanks to the success of Tet, the numbers of Americans dying in Vietnam steadily declined -- from almost 15,000 in 1968 to 9,414 in 1969 and 4,221 in 1970 -- by which time the Viet Cong had ceased to exist as a viable fighting force."

I find that most reporters on main stream news stations rarely go out into battle with our soldiers. There are a few brave ones, but most are independent like Michael Yon and Michael Totten, two of my favorites.

Unfortunately, such independent reporters and the internet were not available during Vietnam. Thankfully today we have the opportunity to fight back against the negative propaganda and "if it bleeds it leads" cowardly reporting. And WIN a war that must be won. Or we could see millions more slaughtered.

"Southeast Asia entered the era of the "killing fields," exterminating in a brief few years an estimated two million people -- 30% of the Cambodian population."

Are things all roses and sunshine in Iraq and Afghanistan? Of course not. But we ARE winning. And we CAN win if we stay the course that General Petraeus has set.

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