Thursday, February 21, 2008

Doing Good Things

I love our military. LOVE them. For so many reasons and this story just makes me love them even more. If I had known they needed money to bring this sweet dog back to the states I would have donated. [Note - there are NO fund raising efforts right now so if someone asks for money it's a scam.]

I don't know if my dogs would walk 70 miles to find me. And we aren't in the desert with 115 degree heat.

This sweet dog was battered and bruised and completely damaged by mean people with no concern for his life. And our wonderful military men took him in, fed him a doggy's dream of chicken and pop tarts.

I'm a little concerned that the dog was going to be SHOT if the sergeant carrying for him didn't get rid of him. What the hell is that about? I know there are rules about having animals due to security ... but that just breaks my heart. I wish I could adopt all the abandoned dogs in the world. :( Our dogs bring us so much joy that it's hard for me to hear about any dog suffering.

Thankfully they managed to get this guy out of Iraq and back to the states where he will live with a new doggy pal named

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