Friday, February 22, 2008

Good As Gold

Why I couldn't have started playing with gold with the market price was a lot lower is beyond me. But now that I have the bug I can't help myself! I have started soldering gold and I absolutely love it. It's completely addicting.

I want MORE gold...but thicker wire. It's ridiculously expensive right now. The market yesterday ended at nearly $950 an ounce. The thicker wire is several hundred dollars per FOOT. Yes, one foot of 10 gauge wire is $429. Wholesale. Holy crap. And it doesn't get that much cheaper as you get smaller either.

I made these lovely (if I do say so myself) 16 gauge wire rings and even that was painful to purchase - especially because I hadn't done any gold soldering before so it was an expensive experiment. I only bought one foot of wire. It doesn't go far.

And then I decided I had to make some earrings. They didn't turn out exactly the way I expected. But I still really like them.

And this is why I work mostly in silver. As expensive as it has gotten it's still loads cheaper than gold. But gold is classic. And it's calling my name!

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