Friday, February 8, 2008

On One Hand, But on the Other

On one hand, I really am jonesing for some new 'stuff' ... my wish list keeps getting longer on Etsy. On the other hand I'm feeling really cheap at the moment. It's not that I couldn't buy some of it but for some reason I'm not parting with my money as easily as I know I can (I've seen proof of my abilities!).

My husband loves all things wood and birch is his particular favorite. This beautiful handcrafted frame made by Rob Gorrell would surely be a hit with hubby. It is very tempting.

Don't laugh, but I find these lace up socks adorably irresistible. Maybe it's the little girl who loved to play dress up coming out in me, but there's something about these that I just find fascinating. Too funky for you? Ilusoria has a wide range of handcrafted lovelies available.

I'm trying to figure out if these gorgeous Obi Belt by Looby Lou would work around my icky fat waist. It's so beautiful and I love everything Japanese. I'm not sure where I would wear it - although I suppose I could dress up at home with the lace up knit socks.

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Jennifer said...

You really have to stop introducing me to these artists! I want to buy from all of them. Argh!