Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When You Pry them from My Cold Dead Hands

That's when you can have my regular light bulbs. It blows my mind that congress thinks that it is so all fired important to BAN light bulbs!!! Don't they have better things to do?

And of course, in all their haste to "save the planet" they do something that is hazardous to PEOPLE and harmful for the poor. Great job guys. *insert eye roll here*

All I know is that when I go to the grocery store I buy as many regular light bulbs as I can. I'm stocking up! The only place I'll use those hideous ugly and dangerous light bulbs is outside. I want them no where near me inside.

Funniest comment from the post...
Just the other day, I was hunting spotted-owls. As I dipped the lead bullet in a small vat mercury, I remembered that I needed to return to my Hummer and change the oil while I was above the watershed. Just let the oil run downstream is the way my father taught me. I can't for the life of me remember why I left the engine running while I was away hunting. While I was there, I buried the asbestos tiles from my remodeling project. Can anyone tell me why the National Park Service does not keep open pits for asbestos tiles? Having to dig my own pit was a real hassle. Fortunately, my bulldozer and backhoe were able to clear a path in the old growth forest so I could back my Hummer to the edge of the pit.

Oh and did you hear that Ethanol is now being found to be MORE damaging to the environment? HA! Take that enviro-wackos. This is what happens when politically correct "ideas" move forward without actual research and solid science.

I am so annoyed today. Sheesh. I need an attitude adjustment. Or a nap.

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