Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prayers for Rachel's Rupert

I love Rachel Lucas' blog. I read it every single day - sometimes more than once a day. She is witty, funny, and has a wicked dirty mouth. I kind of live vicariously through her sometimes because I really don't curse (unless pushed to the very limit - usually by hubby - or traffic).

She posted today some news that affects her greatly. And therefore I feel like it affects me too. Her Rupert is leaving her ... for Baghdad.

The War on Islamo-Radicals continues - even while I live my daily life. Unaffected and unaware. I thank God for men like "Rupert" (not his real name by the way) who disrupt their daily lives and travel abroad for a future unknown. To protect and serve.

He will be in my prayers, as are all the men and women serving our great nation.

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