Thursday, October 16, 2008

And Now Something More Mellow and some Randomness

Phew...that debate last night was way better than the last two but I'm definitely tired of listening to both candidates yammer on.

I have TONS of work to do today for my "real" job but I have all these ideas for new jewelry. Plus I have to take Trooper to the vet. :( Poor guy. He's had all kinds of bright green goop in his eye for the last few days. So back to the vet to help him fund his kid's college fund. *grin* We love our vet though so I don't mind that he's 30 minutes away and more expensive than some. He's been our vet for years and he rocks.

Working at home is so nice...all my doggies are snoozing right now and are so adorable. I wish I could be snoozing too. LOL

It's freezing in here though. I REFUSE to turn the heat on yet this season. I'm just too cheap. I keep telling hubby to put more clothes on, but one of these days he will insist. We go through this ever year. I hate seeing our power bill go up. The cheapest it has been so far this year was around $130. :( I blame hubby. ha! But he does leave his computer on at all times. I tried convincing him that it costs a lot but he won't turn it off. Arg!

Last winter our bill went over $300 several times. There's only TWO of us in this house and it's not a big house. Jeezalou. We do love our natural gas fire's so pretty ... but the natural gas is more expensive than the electricity. I hope we can keep it under $300 this year.

And here's some of my new jewelry. I'm having a ton of fun lately.

I love this bracelet. I've had several sterling silver magnetic clasps and finally started using them. They are SUPER strong. And look great with this simple olive green pearl strand.
I love playing with Resin and this is one of the first pieces I made on my own outside of class. The pendant is made with precious metal clay...two layers placed it's pretty thick. I showed it to one of my coworkers and her first comment was how heavy it was. It is heavy duty. And I love it!

I just finished two gorgeous (can I say that about my own work?) necklaces made with stick pearls and keishi pearls. They are SOOOOOO yummy. I just need to photograph and list them. I have so many pearls and have been having fun just playing with simple stringing. =)

Have a Happy Thursday!

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I haven't watch any of the debates. That's what happens when you don't have television. I doubt I'm missing much either.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend. Off to the boat for us. Big hug. :)