Friday, October 17, 2008

Domestic Violence on the Rise

I know some might think that because I'm a Republican that I'm selfish, greedy...oh and racist too. At least one of my commenters does.

It's hard to "know" someone online so of course my hard nose attitude online doesn't quite express how I live my life. Not that I feel that I have to justify myself to one nutter on the internet but it does annoy me that so many people think conservative = bad.

Anyhoo...One thing that calls me into action is working for the YWCA - well, not working "for" them but working with others to raise funds and gifts/donations for the women (and men) and children who need their services.

Frugal Dad notes that as the economy goes down, that domestic violence is going up. I wish this were not the case. I wish couples pulled together to push through the hard times. But stress does strange things to people and even couples with no history of abuse can all of a sudden find themselves experience this horrible situation.

What can we do to help those who find themselves displaced by abuse?

If you have the time and desire, volunteer at a crisis line or domestic violence support team. Not everyone is comfortable working one on one and I admit that I would have a difficult time with this.

I prefer to collect donations and items to donate. I have four or five bags of shampoo, conditioner, baby items, lotion, toothpaste, pads, etc. to take to the local shelter. It's amazing how small things like these can make such a positive impact.

During the Christmas holiday season I work with our local YWCA to gather gifts for a family (that they identify) through my work. I have so much fun with this. Many of the women we've sponsored over the years have been in transition from their abusive relationships into a healthy and functional role within society. One or two years ago we raised money to buy a printer for a woman going to school. Another year a child asked for socks for his gift. He got more than socks, don't worry.

And in this season I'm sure that my company will pull together and make another family's Christmas the best one ever. We have some extremely generous associates who go out of their way to be someone's Christmas angel.

Start planning a few dollars a week and find a Goodwill Angel tree at the mall or local store. Buy one or two items.

There are all sorts of small and meaningful ways to help those who are going through a difficult time.


SpeakDog said...

Volunteering in any way is always valuable. I agree with you in that the one-on-one is often difficult. I love animals (especially dogs), but I am too squishy to actually volunteer at a shelter and see the horrors of human cruelty to our animal friends. So, instead, I contribute money and/or dog food and other supplies to our local shelter. And, I thank God every day that there are people stronger than I to do the hard part...the one-on-one dealing with suffering that my simple mind can't comprehend.

Daisy said...

We love doing the Christmas Angel tree!

CastoCreations said...

SpeakDog...volunteering at the shelter is how I ended up with 3 cats. =) When I was single and making hardly any money. I could NOT stand to see them in the pound. Which is why I'm not allowed to go to the pound and visit the dogs. I'd want to bring them all home!

I had a horrific time when I picked up our new boy Timber from the pound. I wanted to save them all!