Friday, October 3, 2008

TGIF - Time to Create

I am so ready to get home ... this darn job is so in my way. Thankfully I have a LOT of work to do so the day should go by fairly quickly (yes, I know ... blogging takes away from that work doesn't it). =)

I have so many ideas in my head for new jewelry and I really want to go home and play! I also amazingly have a few orders to fill. Woohoo! About time. *grin* I have a few advertising things coming up in the next few months, plus the holidays are a'comin so I expect to get busier soon. Oh and I have some wedding jewelry to finish up. I can't wait to share the photos from that set!

I've started going through some of my "old" jewelry and if I still like a design I'm taking new photos and reposting them. Some of my old photos are just hideous. And this necklace is so stunning that it really requires better photos.

A pretty rare and hard to find mineral, Charoite is found only in Russia and I wrote about it last September. My grandfather has some rare Charoite that I was delighted to discover in his basement.

I'm hoping to play with the Charoite beads I have in my stash tonight when I get home. The dogs should be tired and hubby will probably go to bed early so the evening will be all mine!

Have a Happy Weekend!!!

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I finally had a necklace made while on the bay cruise. There was a bead shop in Benicia and I found some awesome stones. It was very fun to do. I'll have a picture of the necklace day after tomorrow in my part II Bay Cruise post. I had no idea how much fun this could be. Have a great day. :)