Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back In the Saddle Again

I think I've got my mojo back. =) I had two classes this weekend - one of which I learned a brand new technique and the other gave me a chance to work more on one I learned last year. I was thrilled with the results of the classes and can't wait to design and create more jewelry with these techniques.

Friday's class was an all day one and it definitely took all day. I love using color in my designs and resin is a wonderful way to add it to my metal work.

I apologize for the photos - they are unedited but I'm too excited to wait until I have time to edit them. :) I have to share now! LOL

While the pieces I made in class aren't perfect I'm still thrilled with how they turned out. Each piece was hand carved first into an eraser like material to create the actual design. Then PMC (precious metal clay) is pressed and rolled into the design so the image is transferred into the clay.

Once the piece is dried, filed, fired, and polished the resin is added. Apparently this stuff is pretty toxic but as long as I just mix small batches I should be okay (ha!). I was so nervous...and I'm rarely nervous in classes. But carving a design is a lot harder to me than it sounds. :)

I carved a Turtle, a Butterfly, and a flower. I like them all but I love the little turtle and butterfly.

Sunday's class was an Afternoon of Enamel. I took an enameling class with Steven James last year and he was so awesome - but I don't have a kiln so I never enameled except in one other class by a different teacher. When I saw he was offering another one I signed right up. There were only TWO of us in the class, which was so awesome. I'm thrilled that he didn't cancel with that few students. It was a treat.

I managed to squeeze in five different pieces - though there were several mishaps with spilling dry enamel since the shapes are a little wonky. If you've ever done enameling - the trivet doesn't really like these odd shapes. :)

I made two fishes, a hummingbird, a starfish, and a butterfly with silver accented winks. Oh and the hummingbird and fishes have little silver eyes embedded into the enamel. I had SO much fun and really do need to buy a kiln.

Learning new things is so fun and it really motivated me. Plus I bought several new bead strands and am excited to play with them too. As if I really needed any other beads but they called out to me and I couldn't resist.

Now...if I could just find a way to have 40 hours in one day I'd have plenty of time to work and play!!!


Jennifer said...

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! oooo...I think my favorite is the turtle!!! *cheesy grin* Awesome job Megan!!! And congrats on getting back to work designing! *grin* Yep, I miss it too...if I could just catch a break from all these orders, LOL, I could get back into designing!!! Though I did squeeze in a FS fused bracelet last night and I'm going to go texture it now. *grin* Anyhoo...Miss ya lady!!!

Daisy said...

You made some beautiful pieces! It must be so much fun to create your very own little works of art.

Crystal said...

I love that turtle too! Very very cool design. :)

I'm sitting here, all jealous, because I SO want to try enameling, but I have no kiln and the stuff kinda scares me. *sigh*

CastoCreations said...

Trust me Crystal...I'm a total wuss! :) I've only enameled three times and all three times were in a class. Take a class and see if you like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are really cool!