Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holy Gorgeous Batman!

Sometimes I see a piece of jewelry that just makes me jealous that I didn't think to make it first. *grin*

Since I'm so super bad at reading other friend's blogs I decided to at least TRY to visit one today. I picked Crystal of Two Belles and a Bead because I wanted to tell her to take an enameling class to see if she'd like it before diving in. I still haven't dived in. So I'm browsing her blog (which had me laughing...stupid Google!) and noticed her Etsy widget ... and these earrings just grabbed me and pulled me in!

Uh...hello!?! Are those just not gorgeous and stunning?!?!?! They're simple. They're elegant. They're perfect for every day and for a fancy dinner out. I'd totally wear them all the time. Go buy them. Go buy them NOW!!! *grin*

Seriously...I really like them a lot. I used to make a lot of designs like that but they take a lot of time...and patience. And I could never get mine to match in length. ha! I love the way she has more than one chain to create a neat layered look.

And check these beauties out from her main website! I really need to get my act together and figure out how to solder posts like this. But then she does such a good job so why bother??? :)

I feel guilty because I have great folks who read my blog and leave me such nice comments, which I LOVE. Every comment gives me so much pleasure - you have no idea. And I am so bad at reciprocating. I sometimes wish I didn't work full time...I'd love to be able to do more visiting of fellow artist's and friend's blogs.

I'll try harder. I promise. =) But don't get our hopes up!


Angelika said...

Quit your job, duh. Then you'd have plenty of time to comment! ;-)

Crystal said...

Awww, Megan, you have me blushing. :)

You're sweet! Those clusters are actually all done by my mom. She makes each pair because, umm, hello, they'd take ME forever and I think I might throw them out the window first. But somehow she gets them done quickly, and perfectly, and without throwing anything out any window. lol :)

Thanks for this post, you made my day. :)

CastoCreations said...

ROFL Angelika...yeah...that's the solution. *giggle* Except I'd probably have to turn off the internet since I wouldn't be able to pay the bill. hahahaha

Crystal...well you made the other pair right? :) Tell your mom how amazing those earrings are!

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! I've been looking for a bracelet made like that... but between work and laziness I haven't one yet.