Saturday, July 12, 2008

R.I.P. Tony Snow

I was shocked when the news announced this morning that Tony Snow had lost his fight with cancer. My sorrow for his family comes from personal experience - as a child who lost a father to cancer at the age of 8.

He leaves behind 3 children and a wife. Not to mention millions of fans. I listened to his radio show every once in awhile and he really did do a great job. He was polite but firm. And before that we watched his TV show and really enjoyed him.

It's so sad when someone with such vitality and love for life passes on so early. I hate cancer. :(

*** EDITED to Add ***

I am sitting here bawling. It's several hours since I heard the news and we just got home from a family reunion. The news is on and they are playing a tribute to his life. He was a REALLY great guy. And it seems so unfair....of course life is unfair and I know this. I had forgotten that he had colon cancer, which is the exact same cancer my died from when he was 36. My heart aches for Tony's children.

It seems silly to cry for someone who I didn't even know...but I feel like the last few years I did know him. And now I know why one of my coworkers (and my mom) was so torn up when Tim Russert died. They felt like they knew him because they watched him all the time. These people become part of your lives - our routines.

I clearly need to stop watching the news and turn on something more cheerful. I hate having a heavy heart.

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