Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Has Good Content

Can I rant again? It's not a very serious rant though, don't worry.

Having my own website is great. I love the freedom to post anything I want and make occasional sales.

What I HATE is seeing a message from my contact page coming through my e-mail with this boilerplate link request...

Dear Webmaster,

My name is XYZ and I have just gone through your site, and visited many
pages. I have noticed that you have good content on the site. It would be
better if we link to each other as reciprocal link place an important role
in a search engine ranking algorithm.

Good grief. I have gotten at least 50 of these in six months. Nearly identical text. I don't bother reading them any longer. I just hit the delete button. But the problem is that I do still have to open the message to see if it's an actual message from a customer.

If someone actually wants to link with me they better type up a specific request directly to me. Of course, I still might say no, but I'd at least respond instead of ignore them. Sometimes I even say yes and add their link! Though I admit it's been ages since I updated my links page.

Canned messages are so lame. :)


Jennifer said...

I know what you mean! Those things drove me nuts. I got one just the other day from some (no nice word to put here) selling auto commenting software.

moniquerenae said...

I get those creepy messages all the time, and then I realized I actually had some page rank... which apparently to some equals gold.

You google page rank is a 4, so when people realize that, they will be falling at your feet for a link to them :)

And oh, my semi rant about Blogger blogs was not directed at you. I actually know you and like you, so even if I can't comment directly from my blog, you at least know its me. I would tell you how to add the name/url option but I don't use blogger so I don't know. lol