Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Celebration Sponsor - The Dippy Chick

Veggies need a little pick me up? Looking for a little added flavor with those chips and pretzels?

May I recommend The Dippy Chick? I've been ordering her yummies for over a year as gifts and they are always a huge hit!

With fun names like "Don't Squat With Your Spurs On" and "In the Dill of the Night" it's hard not to want to learn more.

Christine, owner and stay at home mom of two boys, started her Dippy business in 2004 and is a huge hit. All of her products are made from scratch and you can be certain that she only uses the finest ingredients.

Food allergies? Gluten sensitivity? These are the dips for you. All of her recipes are gluten free and she even has a Special Diets page.

With every purchase from Casto Creations in the month of April you will receive a special "party favor" gift pack, which includes a Dippy Chick pack!

And the winner of the 30th Birthday Celebration wins the big bag of goodies which includes several Wickedly Delicious Dips!


laura said...

How fun. I love this store and the idea! I like to give themed baskets for showers, weddings, etc. Kitchen is one I do a lot, and these would be great to include! Thanks for letting us know about them. I'm craving some hummus just thinking about these dips.

Melissa said...

I'll definitely have to try some of these dips out. The look really good, and you're right about the names. They are very creative. The two I must try are the Atomic Wedgie Veggie and Take another lil pizza my heart. So cute!

Anonymous said...

I love those cute names. I also really appreciate the vegan offerings. My daughter is vegan and it's hard to find different things that she'll eat so this is going in my goodie box bookmarks.

jennsquared said...

Oh Man you are making me hungry! The fact she has the special diet stuff has already win me over! Thanks for sharing.

Bunny B said...

Wicked! Sounds nice. Hope I win some so I can try them :P