Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today's Lesson - Stay Home

I had a wonderful day yesterday. It was my official birthday party with my family and they were amazingly good at keeping the location a secret. We ended up at Mercato's, an Italian restaurant in downtown Olympia that is right by the Farmer's Market. I've always wanted to go there.

They have a great little party room. I couldn't believe that many people were going to turn up though. They even had a little table for the cake (though they did charge a special "cake" fee and we were required to use their plates and forks...which I do understand). And OMG the cake! I am still eating it and making myself sick...only a little bit left. I don't know if it'll make it through the rest of the today! My aunt makes the best ice cream cake. Seriously. It's way better than anything Baskin Robins makes. By far.

Who says 30 is too old for a special Princess balloon that sings Happy Birthday? =) My mom knows me so well.

And of course hubby and my little cousin Natalia got to hang out. They adore each other. She's his "favorite" cousin (it used to be me!).

So yesterday was awesome and of course the universe had to even it out for me. Today has been a freaking nightmare! Since I had so much sugar yesterday that I woke up with a big headache (besides the cake I had 3 Dr. Peppers). And of course I had to torture myself with cake for breakfast! So my stomach was upset when I left to run errands.

I got a Macy's gift card from my aunt and uncle so I decided to go to the mall this morning. It's around 30 minutes away and I don't particularly love going. But I found a couple of things I liked - including a cute new belt. And I needed some more lipstick. So I was all done and checking out and the dratted gift card wouldn't work. It kept reading invalid. *sigh* So I had to have the lady take off all the non-makeup stuff. And I just bought the makeup for today. I was not that happy though because I don't feel like going back to the mall. a minor inconvenience and not the end of the world but it's just the beginning. I make my way to the Farmer's Market. I love it there. It smells so good and there are all kinds of neat things there. Organic and fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, farm goodies like eggs, and our favorite meat place (they have the best turkey jerky).

My first stop is Johnson's Meats and I get in line (there's always a line). I'm waiting patiently as the line builds behind me and a woman walks up to the front ... I wait because I assume she's just looking at what's available. But after a little while it looks like she's going to "cut" (even if by accident) so I carefully and gently tap her on the shoulder with my checkbook (out and ready to write!). OMG you would have thought I smacked her upside the head with an open fist. Good grief she freaked out and yelled at me to not touch her and to keep my hands to myself. To which I replied, I did not touch you with my hands and I was only trying to point out that there is a line. She said if I touched her again I'd be sorry. Which is funny because she was a foot shorter than me and I outweighed her by at least 50 pounds. Ha! I wasn't too worried about that. I replied that she needed to relax, I was just trying to point out that there were other people in line and she needed to get in back. And then she told me to Shut Up and she walked away.

After some deep breaths to try to quell the tears I felt rising up I got to the front and placed my order. Sometimes I wonder about people. I don't like to be touched either but if someone was trying to point out that I wasn't in the line I would be embarrassed for not noticing the line! I certainly would not scream at a person for tapping me on the shoulder.

It definitely spoke to the kind of day I'd been having though. *sigh* I controlled myself and got the rest of my items and headed to my car. Lo and behold who was walking in front of me but the screaming lady. I could not handle any other confrontation so I turned around and walked around to waste a few minutes to give her a chance to get in her car. On my way to the grocery store I called hubby and was of course sobbing. I'm tired and all the little things just added up to that one big thing.

Thankfully the rest of the errands were uneventful and the lady at Fred Meyer even let me go through the express lane with extra items (I didn't ask, she moved me there) so I got out quickly. My eyes hurt and are gritty from crying. I definitely need to get back on my food schedule. I am having several veggies with dinner tonight.

I had two orders waiting for me when I got home so that felt good. Hubby decided that I need to be in bed no later than 8 p.m. Hahahaha. He's so cute. When I have a bad day or am upset or emotional and he knows that I haven't gotten enough sleep. Unfortunately he won't be here to make sure I do go to bed on time since he works at 5 p.m.

I've got 3 1/2 hours to start five necklaces and several pairs of earrings. Laundry? Who needs clean clothes? :) I hope my week starts out better than my weekend ended.

{EDITED TO ADD} Oh I remember why I was so ticked when I got to Macy's. I stopped at the Pet store first and there was this tard man loser selling puppies outside. And I call him a loser because I asked if the litter was an accident and he said now. So in other words, he irresponsibly bred a lab and a hound in order to get the ridiculously cute puppies and sell them. Great lesson for his kids (who were there too). I'm sure I freaked the kids out since I said how irresponsible it was to breed these dogs (who can't be shown because they aren't pure bred) since there are MILLIONS of dogs killed in shelters every single freaking year.

Yeah...I was pissed. It would be one thing if it were an accident and they were going to get the mom spayed. But NO. I asked. And the mom still isn't spayed. He's trying to make a few extra dollars on these dogs who aren't being bred responsibly. I just wanted to grab the puppies and run. :(

Seriously. What is he teaching his kids? Puppies are for making money? Don't worry about spaying? Sheesh. I wish I had stayed longer and vented even more. If his kids need to experience the "miracle of life" he could take them to the pound and adopt a dog and save a life. Or go to a farm and see a cow give birth? So I was super ticked.


Rosanne said...

Wow! What a day! I'm glad your birthday dinner went well (I'd love to get the ice cream cake recipe - we got one from Baskin-Robin's a couple of weeks ago for my son and it was horrid!!) but I'm sorry about your shopping expedition. I laughed at the lady that cut in line. You did the exact thing I would do!! And I am steaming over the puppy seller. That really makes me mad too. Why do people do that!! Are the oblivious to what is going on around them? All the poor animals in the pounds being put to sleep? Un-freaking-believable!!

laura said...

Oh no. Sounds terrible. I would have been ticked too! But on a happier note, your ice cream cake looks de-licious!

jennsquared said...

How irresponsible of that man! I would be ticked too!

And I totally agree with you, if I have accidently cut the line, I would want to be notified and I would certainly be embarassed. How rude of that lady! There are definitely people out there that just do not have people skill and commen sense. It's rather sad.

But it's great that you got a yummy ice cream cake for your birthday! I think I would eat myself sick also! :)

Melissa said...

I am so sorry that your day was so bad. It seems like I have a day like that every once in a while myself and it just makes me want to crawl back in bed too! I hope things are improving for you now. On a selfish note though - any chance you want to get that recipe for that ice cream cake and share it! It looks AMAZING!

blueviolet said...

Happy birthday! They made a good choice with italian. That's my favorite!

CastoCreations said...

Thanks everyone. I have e-mailed my aunt to get the ice cream cake recipe and will post it as soon as she sends it on. :)

Roxy said...

I totally need a slice of that cake. Ice Cream cake is my favorite!! I'm actually quite a big fan of carvel and friendly's cakes.

Bunny B said...

I love ice-cream cake! Yum! You had an awesome celebration. Too bad the day after had some horrible events :(

Ooo...can't wait for the ice-cream cake recipe!! :)