Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Birthday Celebration Sponsor - InVita Paper Studios

People don't write personal notes or cards anymore...at least not nearly as often as they should. It's so fun and uplifting to receive a special letter in the mail. For no reason at all. I've had a couple of customers even send hand written thank you notes and those mean SO much. I save them all.

What better way to motivate yourself to send cards is to have amazing and classy cards at hand? InVitaPaper Studios is there to provide! I started buying Adriana's cards last year and was so impressed that I asked her to do custom Thank You cards for my jewelry business. Every time someone gets their order they also receive a thank you note written on my InVita note cards.

And for all of April people are receiving a free card in their Birthday Party Favor gift. There are two different cards available and this lovely Thank You card is one of them. I actually ordered a set for myself because I liked them so much, and sent them out to folks after my birthday party. :) While supplies last of course and the stock is getting low!

InVita has great customer service and I love supporting handcrafting. All of her cards are designed and created from her home. Oh and she's pregnant! Congratulations, Adriana!!! :) I am so excited for her.

She also kindly contributed two packs of cards for the big Birthday Giveaway (ending in just over a week!!!). A pack of recipe cards that make even me want to cook just so I can use them! And a set of So Sweet super classy and elegant cards.

She also does Wedding Invitations and Birth Announcements! If I were getting married I would totally have her do my invites. And when my little cousin finally ties the knot (we're waiting guys!) I'm going to pony up and pay for InVita's amazing work. My JoJo deserves it. =)

If you love surprising people with a special note I highly recommend InVita's professional and handcrafted work. Oh and visit her blog One Blue Chocolate to say hi!


jennsquared said...

Wow! The cards look amazing! Too bad I already purchase things to make my own wedding invitations, otherwise I would have asked her!

Roxy said...

oh those are super nice!

Mo said...

You're right - sending greeting cards is an almost-lost art.
I sell hand-made greeting cards in my shop, and 95% of them are blank inside. I'm amazed at the number of people who will say, "Oh I wanted one that said Happy Birthday inside"... like how freakin' hard is it to write "Happy Birthday" inside a card... okay, stepping of my soap box now.
I love sending and receiving greeting cards!

Anonymous said...

Those really are pretty!

Melissa said...

Those are definitely georgeous cards! I'll have to check out her site.

Bunny B said...

Lovely cards! She has a nice blog too :)