Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doctor Time

My husband is a naughty man. Over a year ago he was having horrible heartburn and tried everything before finally breaking down to go to the doctor. They referred him out to go be put under anesthesia and stick a tube or camera down his throat to check things out. Apparently the results weren't great.

Now I'm not a nurse or doctor and I really don't understand medical terms or issues (other than bipolar and depression stuff) but the results of his test were 'abnormal' and he was advised to come back in within a few months to get tested again.

Yeah...well...not so much. Because if you ignore the situation it will go away right?

*sigh* So my mom (who is actually a nurse) has been bugging him lately to go back to the doctor because Barrett's Esophagus (which he apparently has) is a serious thing and not to be ignored. Then I saw a news story on Fox about how the cases of this have gone up over the years and how it can lead to cancer and death. now I step in. If I don't make the appointment it won't happen. It's like I'm his secretary. *insert eye roll here*

Today is the day and of course I have to go with him. He's such a baby. lol It's sweet but annoying. So he will meet with his new doctor (his old one got a new job in California) this morning. He will probably have a referral to go back to get another tube down his throat, which requires me to take a day off work to drive him and wait while the procedure is done. I'll be super ticked if by putting off this appointment he has damaged himself more.


jennsquared said...

Oh Man! Not to alarm you or anything, but my Grandfather put it off waaaaaaay longer and he died out of cancer for that. But it was A LOT longer than what your husband has put off though. So nag him if you must but it's for his own good. Or if you need someone else to nag him, feel free to let me know and I can step in and help!!!! :) Good luck with everything!!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Megan, you know my #1 has had 3 of those endoscopies right? so I know exactly what you're going through. Call me if u want. *grin* I'll be praying for ya'll!!

Roxy said...

Being one year away from getting my MD, I'd say your husband better get his butt over to the doc. Barrett's is so EASY to prevent.

Anonymous said...

My husband is the exact opposite. He'll go to the doctor for every little twitch and creak. It's ridiculous. Plus he convinces himself he has the worst case scenario by searching for his symptoms on the internet. He's a complete hypochondriac and it makes me crazy.

Melissa said...

Ugh! Men! Everytime my husband does something like that I remind him that men die sooner than women. He claims that it is because traditionally, they work harder in more strenuous jobs, but I insist it is because they are so stubborn about ridiculous things - like going to the doctor. ;o)

Bunny B said...

My hubby's like that too. If he's hurting, he won't want to see the doctor. But if I have a slight pain anywhere, he'll want me to see a specialist!