Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Speech Matters

I've been trying *really* hard to not blog politics here...maybe I need another blog just to spout off. But one thing that has been driving me batty is the issue in Canada with the so called "Human Rights Commission". They are scary. Seriously Stalinist scary. And the U.S. has seeping thought police commissions too. If we aren't careful we may go the way of Canada. It's frightening.

"Yes, in Canada you may not speak the truth about free speech to its official enemies. In Canada, the reason why we must defend even the most vile speech and writing becomes clear: because suppression of it eventually leads to the inability to criticize government.

You know you’ve lost your freedom when you cannot call a censor a censor." Five Feet of Fury

You may disagree with me politically and that's okay (nobody's perfect *grin*) but if the PC police are allowed to censor thought and speech then we are all at risk.

I had heard about this Canadian Human Rights Commission via Instapundit but this escalated urgency comes via Rachel Lucas' blog where she posted about Five Feet of Fury being sued for defamation.

Edited to Add:

It 'ain't just the government apparently. This is a scary case of a blogger with an Autistic child being subpoenaed even though she has no connection with the case at all. All because she expressed doubt about the effects of vaccines on the cause of Autism. I hope she isn't stuck with a bunch of legal bills for expressing her views! It is too scary.


Anonymous said...

You can't say anything or do anything anymore without taking the risk of it showing up on youtube or some other place. It's so PC now that any seemingly innocent statement is bound to be offensive to somebody somewhere.

jennsquared said...

This is so sad. One of the foundations of this country IS free speech!! I don't think that will go too well in the US.

Roxy said...

Yikes seriously? What is wrong with canada.

Melissa said...

Wow . . . I can't believe that autism case. It is really scary that anything you say can be used against you at any time.

Bunny B said...

Blogging about politics is scary.