Sunday, April 27, 2008

Try Try Again

Our 5th Agility lesson was today. Sundays are much harder than Thursdays. Trooper is full of energy having slept all night. And he isn't super hungry. Plus we're outside and it is much more distracting - all the smells and sights that aren't in the barn.

My sister in law joined us today, which was SO great. She hadn't gotten to see him in class yet and she took videos. =) I'd like to point out that I did not fit in those jeans 6 months ago and now they're starting to get a little bit baggier. Woohoo!

Trooper was having a hard time going from one jump to another. The instructor had me work on the second jump over and over - jump, treat, jump, treat. And then he was supposed to do two jumps in a row and get a treat but he decided to keep going to the end. And then to the tunnel which also seemed a challenge today. Plus the other group was right there and very distracting. :)

Then we get to play on the plank. When we first got to class he went across it without me even asking. lol He's definitely not scared of it. He's quite a handful. =) The goal is to walk the plank and then turn, jump, and go through the tire. I was glad he went through the tire so easily - Thursday he didn't do so well with it.

Yes, he got slightly distracted with his girlfriend at the end of the plank. They had lots of fun last week playing together in the field. Her name is Abella. :)

And last but not least we did the Teeter Totter. He's not so fond of this exercise. But he did a lot better on Sunday than he did on Thursday when we practically had to pull him through it.

After practice we got to run and run and run in the field next door. He can run pretty fast for such a big guy and I love his face when he runs. This is just a few seconds of him running and heading for the water. He gets hot fast too. And dirty.


Roxy said...

haha those are so fun to watch!

Rosanne said...

LOL!!! I love how Trooper stands in the water! Isn't he supposed to drink it?
He really is doing better and better. It must be hard for him when there are other dogs out there to distract him.
And you are doing great yourself! Those pants DO look at little large on you. Great job!
Can't remember how many more Agility Classes there are? It is just amazing how far he has come in a few short weeks! Yeah Trooper!!

Nicole said...

Such a cutie pie :D!
Wish I could do some dog training with my two goofbums again ;)

The big one is right now running around, bitching for whatever reason, carrying his snack around and not eating it.
He should be tired, he has been swimming circles for a few minutes in the ocean (he came along with an old chicken bone, I took it away and threw it in the water, he tried to get it back, lol....)

Daisy said...

Based on the joy on Trooper's face, he is obviously having so much fun out there!

Melissa said...

Congrats on the weight loss! :) Also, those videos are so much fun. It looks like he is doing a great job there!

blueviolet said...

Congrats on that obvious weight loss. It's always nice when the pants start to get a little big!

jennsquared said...

That's awesome! I love those videos!!!! It's like you are answering my comments :) heehee. And congrats on needing new pants :)

Bunny B said...

Hehe....Trooper's so cute!!