Monday, April 21, 2008

Me Time!

My super online friend Rosanne just commented about having Me Time. And I SO badly agree with her. lol

If I get Thursday and Friday off I definitely want some "me time." What would I do?

First I'd sleep in. A definite must.

Then I might hop online (might...who am I kidding? I can't help myself) and stroll around the internet. Dropping Entrecards like a madwoman. :) And visiting all the blogs I love to read.

Of course Thursday is our Agility Training with my Trooper Bear. It'll be our 4th lesson.

I also want to take my mother in law shopping. She's been cooped up her apartment since she moved in. She doesn't have a car and I can only imagine the cabin fever.

And believe it or not I want to clean house. It is horrible to finally be in the mood to clean and not have the time. My work space is a disaster (as hubby reminds me constantly) and I refuse to let him vacuum anywhere near my desk because I drop so many beads and findings. Yes I am a clutz.

Not to mention the kitchen table which has become Birthday Celebration center with piles of goodies and bubble wrap. :)

And Sunday is hubby's birthday so we're going to go out to eat before he works. Even on his birthday he has to work his night shift. I don't know where we'll go but I know he loves IHOP. ha!

I'd really love to get a facial or something but that requires money. Or effort to do it myself.

So what would you do with more "me time"?


Melissa said...

Me time! Ugh - I can't remember the last time I had uninterrupted me time. :( I think I would read a book from cover to cover while sitting outside on a blanket with a picnic lunch.

jennsquared said...

Like you, I would definitely CLEAN! I will probably sit on my butt and knit for a long time as well.

Roxy said...

Me time is great for wandering around the city. Grabbing a drink on an outdoor patio and people-watching.

Bunny B said...

Me time is spent by reading or photoshopping my pictures :)