Monday, April 21, 2008

Tired and Fluffy

Trooper is a tired puppy. We had agility training yesterday and then he got to go to daycare today. He gets so excited but he's such a good boy and very patient getting in the car. He doesn't howl and whine and bark like my other two monsters when they get to go. And he stays and waits when I open his door and get his leash. And then he tries to pull my arm out of the socket to get to the kennel.

I think I got one of the girls in trouble today though. *oops* I've specifically asked that he NOT get rawhide bones. With his jaw strength he's going to snap those suckers (they're the skinny twisted ones, not the bone looking ones) and swallow it in chunks. And his little picture label even has in big letters "NO RAWHIDES OR CHEWS" ... but sure enough when I looked in his assigned kennel this morning there was a rawhide.

Do you know how hard it is to duck into a kennel (it's only about waist height tall) while your dog is lunging at the other dogs in their kennels? He's not a mean dog in any way and they even confirmed today when I talked to them that he has NO issues with other dogs. They say that when "mommy" is there the dogs tend to get more protective. lol I duck in and grab the rawhide before he can go in and get it. He is good at "leave it" but I didn't want to risk it. Before I left I got him a chicken strip and his water. I wish I could watch him play while at daycare. As I was leaving he was "woooo woooo wooooing" even though I KNOW that he loves it there.

So hubby picked the boy up around 3 ... and today was his first day of grooming at daycare. Apparently he didn't want to go up the steps to the grooming section and they had to carry him. ROFL I can just imagine this poor girl carrying 85 pounds of wiggle.

But now he's super fluffy and super tired. My favorite!!! And they even put on a cute little scarf!!!

Look at that tail!!! =)

And Quinnie was getting a good nap this evening too.

Can you tell that we don't use our couch for us? LOL The dogs own this place!


Karen said...

Your babies are sooooo adorable! And I can see they 'own' the couch - LOL Great photos.

HoundsGood said...

It is true. One of our dogs loves everybody, but the other only loves people when "dad" is not around. He is so protective of my husband, he sits next to his feet the entire time. One time, we picked them up early from the pet resort and the boys were out for a walk and didn't see us at first and we thought to ourselves "is that OUR dog over there giving kisess?"

ArachneDefiant said...

Your dogs are absolutly precious! It seems like you really have their training well in hand - it's great to see that. My parents have three dogs who are lovely at heart, but are very poorly trained.

I have such a soft spot for huskies - is that what your dogs are?

Melissa said...

Oh - I love a fluffy dog after a bath. Though I must admit when I gave my dog a bath they never came out looking as good as they did when I had it done at the kennel. What is their secret?

jennsquared said...

awww they are so cute and fluffly! Our dogs know better so they only get on the couch when we asked them to - although I did catch them sleeping on it when we are not home (you know, when you first open the door and they were so deep in sleep they woke up and just stuck? So cute!) We leave our pups at home (they aren't really puppies anymore, but I still call them that!) during the day and they generally are okay and behaving themselves.

Mo said...

What cutie pa-tooties!

oh crap - I just typed your word verification up here!

Rosanne said...

I fractured my femur a couple of years back and now I cannot even sit on our couch is too low for me and due to the bad leg I can't get off of it. So I have my own chair. Now this is a GOOD thing because my dogs took over our couch too! My husband tries to make out a niche for himself on the couch with our dogs (smaller than yours so it IS possible) but there'd be no way we could both sit on the couch with the dogs. The little dog comes and sits on my lap when he knows I'm not feeling well. Isn't that weird how dogs can sense your feelings like that?
But those pictures are just darling of your pups! I love it when they're all cozy and sleepy like that! Hmmmm...I used to say that about my kids when they were little too!
Have a nice day Megan!

Bunny B said...

Trooper's adorable! What a sofa-hogger :) Cute!