Monday, June 9, 2008

I am Going to Get Shot

Good grief. One of these days someone is going to pull out their gun and pop me one. I swear I just react when I'm in a certain today. It's "that" time of the month and I'm feeling a little ornery.

So I stop by the Liquor store (which I did NOT want to do but hubby has been working really hard and he loves this one drink so what's a good wife to do) and they have this stupid little sign that says something about saving the planet by not using a bag. WTH? I think it's stupid.

So I say, "I don't want a bag but I'm not trying to save the planet." The look she gave me ... like I was speaking Japanese. Then she asked me, "If you don't mind me asking, why?" So I told her what I thought - no one is going to "save the planet" unless they're the ones in the space ship shooting the astroids heading toward earth. We could chop down every single tree on the entire planet and still not "destroy" it. Granted, it would suck for us, but we are not so all powerful that we can actually destroy the planet. We could set off nukes all over everywhere and not actually destroy it. Again, it would suck, but the earth would still be here...we wouldn't.

I just hate the line "save the planet" as if humans are so all powerful as to have this ability. *sigh* But the teller of course didn't care ... and thought I was bonkers. :) I'm driving home I see some punk kid toss a drink cup over a fence into someone's yard. Oh for Pete sake! I couldn't stop myself and I honked! Not only that, I wagged my finger like some little old lady. For Pete sake! I'm lucky they were just punks and not seriously violent. I hate liter bugs but it was stupid to honk...not to mention wagging my finger.

I have so many issues. I need a nap! No...Ice Cream!

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