Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quinn Goes to the Vet - and a Survey

My poor little girl. :( I think it's my fault but she has a hole in two of her top teeth. I'm so worried about her and we are going to the vet this morning. I may have to leave her there while they put her under anesthesia (which I don't think is good for an older dog) and clean her teeth. I'm just praying that they won't have to pull those two teeth.

The reason I think it's my fault is because I started feeding all three dogs a softer's sort of stew like. I mix some kibble with it and they love it. It's very healthy food but it didn't occur to me that being a softer food it would get stuck in their teeth. At least it seems to have done this with Quinn - right at the gum line. We'll see what the verdict is but I think I'll need to start checking all 3 dogs teeth after they eat. Oh joy.

I'll have an update after I get back from the Vet on my pet blog Home Zookeeper. And please visit me there as often as you can. I get paid to write there (there are various rules and things and I won't get rich anytime soon) and I've decided to donate all my earnings from that blog to Saving Shelter Pets.

And now...two surveys! Click on them and see how your answers compare. :)

Mac vs PC

Should Hillary Concede? (Does she really have a choice?)


Kevin said...

I hope Quinn is okay, that doesn't sound like it will be a very fun experience. :( Hopefully the other dogs are all right as well.

Ferox said...

Don't worry about the anaesthesia, if Quinn is still healthy enough to run around, then they're usually healthy enough to cope with an anaesthetic, and dental work is commonly done on older patients.

Daisy said...

Poor Quinn, I hope it is an easy procedure for her. My Mommie started brushing my teeths every day with special cat toothpaste. I do not enjoy it.