Monday, June 2, 2008

Rare Bird Finds Hits the Motherload

Okay, I get the Rare Bird Finds daily finds e-mail every day and I couldn't enjoy it more. Except on days like today when they just find the neatest things ever! My paycheck is not large enough to cover all the cool stuff they found!

Did you play Super Mario as a child? My brother and I did all the time. I still long to play the old versions. It doesn't surprise me that these adorable plush pillows are sold out at Japan LA.

I know my doggy blogging on this site has been lax - that's because I have a new pet focused blog called Home Zookeeper (please visit me there sometime too). But I can't resist talking doggy today.

I love spoiling my mutts with treats - though I'm super careful lately about how many they get because two are seriously overweight. With goodies like these Apple Blueberry Biscuits by Little Pies I'd be hard pressed not to share with the pups!

And would I not be the MOST fashionable doggy mama on the Agility field in one of these hilarious shirts by the Fleas Knees Tees???

What's a girl on a coupon cutting budget to do?!?! Rare Bird Finds - you're killing me here!!!

But seriously...if you love finding cute, quirky, unusual, funky, and wonderful things - for you or for gifts - I highly recommend RBF. I've found some fantastic gift items and fun things for myself. =)

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