Monday, June 30, 2008

What Do You Want? A Cookie?

I love bumper stickers. I have at least 5 (if I'm remembering correctly) on my car, which hubby absolutely hates. But even as a kid I loved them. I remember sitting in the car and reading them as we drove on trips or just running errands.

Some I love and think are hilarious even if I don't agree with their message. Like "Republicans for Voldemort" ... Get it? Republicans are EEEEVEEEEL. bwa ha ha ha ha The first time I saw that I was almost crying with laughter because I'm such a Harry Potter geek. Of course, those not familiar with the series won't get it, but that's part of it's charm.

There are a few bumper stickers that bug me though. Most of course are messages I don't agree with but it's the way they do it that I find annoying. Some I hate because so many people have them so I'm tired of seeing them.

The one that gets on my nerves most lately is "I Don't Shop at Walmart."

I want to talk to one of these people (but would never actually do that!) and ask them...So what? What's your point? You think you're better than me? Are you trying to brag that you have more money and can afford to shop elsewhere?

Oh, trust me. I get their message. Walmart is an evil corporation that does nothing but harm to the world. Yeah yeah yeah...heard it all and bought the t-shirt.

You know what I see when I go in to Wally World (which I don't particularly *love* doing but do occasionally)? I see people with jobs they might not be able to have otherwise. Some of the associates there are top notch and have chosen to work there and others probably have no choice because they're just lucky to have a job (like the guy who checked me out yesterday ... he didn't seem too bright).

I also see a lot of families. Families who can afford to buy a few extra goodies for their brats...I mean kids. :) I see little old ladies (and a few gents) strolling up the aisle with their small cart of items. I see savings! Especially if you use coupons on top of roll back prices.

My neighbor actually has one of those bumper stickers. They just bought a huge RV. Must be nice I guess. It's not like they're snobs, which is why the sticker bugs me even more for them. They're nice folks but that sticker screams elitist snob looking down on the "little people."

If you don't like Walmart, don't shop there. I don't have a bumper sticker that says "I Don't Shop at QFC."

Funniest thing I saw though...someone with that bumper sticker IN a Walmart parking lot. Ha!!!

What do my bumper stickers say? :) Wouldn't you like to know? I get mostly thumbs up from other motorists and a few funny looks. During the 2004 election season I got flipped off and screamed at by some nut. I don't take bumper stickers nearly that serious. The most I do is roll my eyes. :)


Karen said...

I shop at Walmart. I know other stores carry items that would last longer than Walmart's, but good grief. I'm with ya, girlfriend. And who knows, maybe I'll someday get to be that little old lady that greets you when you come in. I like that part about Walmart. :)

PolymerClayTutor said...

What a funny post! I am wondering if Voldemort shops at Walmart? That would be important to know... that way I would remember to bring my wand!