Thursday, June 19, 2008

Security Guard

Last night I had a class at the local bead store where I've been taking classes for ... oh gosh ... at least 3 years but probably longer.

I know they've had some issues in the past. A couple of robberies - armed. But the area seemed more cleaned up and safe. I know that I'm super paranoid where ever I go, especially in the "city" (okay, don't's not city like New York but it's bigger than my town). I try to park right in front of the building and I pay careful attention to who is around at all times. Apparently they just recently had another "armed" (guy said he had a gun but they didn't actually see one) robbery and several large shop lifters.

So I walk in last night and there's a guy in a uniform standing there watching ... watching. And I admit it made me feel weird and actually LESS safe.

For one thing I think I could've taken the guy down. For another he didn't even have a gun. What good is he going to be against an armed robber? Not much. I think I'm going to recommend to them that they look into an actual armed guard. Hubby works on his off days for a company that employees actual police officers. They get duties guarding private companies and even residences. Hubby has done guard duty (mostly in uniform) at a Starbucks and a liquor store. It's probably more expensive than the unarmed security guard but the impact would pack a bigger punch.

Not only that, a truly uniformed police officer, even without a gun, gives more of a presence of security than a shabbily dressed guy in matching blue pants and shirt with a flash light. Baggy clothes do not say "obey me" in my mind.

Plus the guy kept smiling! HAHAHAHA He seemed like a really nice guy ... but definitely did not make me feel safer.


Bethany said...

My brother and his friends call those guys "flashlight cops". But maybe he's some kind of kung fu ninja expert, and he can disarm and subdue a man with his bare hands. Um...probably not.

Monique said...

I always love when they have those really old security guards. I feel so bad for them because I know they would never be able to chase a person down, let alone stop someone if they tried.

hank said...

I've got the same type of guards at my place of work. They're really friendly like you say, but I think I could knock both of them over with dental floss myself. Both are about 5'2 and weigh about 120 lbs. They ALSO don't make me feel very safe!