Thursday, June 12, 2008

To Be So Lucky at 90

This article just makes me tear up. I love old people falling in love. It's so romantic.

I'm a total prude when it comes to physical relationships ... before marriage and during. But if you've lived a full life and it is coming to its sunset you deserve to do as you wish and make your own decisions. Even people with dementia deserve to find happiness with another soul.

This was a 21st-century Romeo and Juliet.

As our life expectancy increases every year this may become an issue more and more. Do you want your children to someday tell you who you can or can't see or be physical with?

This story just breaks my heart - Bob's son should be ashamed of himself for butting in and forcing his discomfort to break up a sweet couple finding happiness together.

The photo above is my grandfather and grandmother celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. She is gone and he is lonely. I would never deny him happiness if he found another woman who made him happy.

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