Sunday, May 18, 2008

Coupon Savings - Week Three

I had SO much fun today!!! Seriously I had some awesome coupons and saved quite a bit. Of course, I spent most of those savings at Costco, but I'm still thrilled!

My best deal - I had two coupons for a DVD at Fred Meyer totaling $7 off. I found I Am Legend, regular $19.99 on sale for $16.99. I saved $10! And got the movie for $10. =) Happy Camper I am!

Then they had Sirloin Steak family packs on sale for $2.88 a pound. I don't eat steak - I've never liked it. But hubby and MIL love it. So I got over 3.5 pounds for $10.45 saving $5.84. I also saved $2 on a Natural Beef steak that hubby will love.

I don't need a new razor right this second but I do need one soon. And the paper had two coupons for a razor and a refill pack. Plus both the razor and refill were on sale. I saved a total of $6 on the two.

And I finally got my almonds using the rain check from last week. I saved $5.10 on nearly two pounds of almonds. That should last me a couple of weeks (I really love almonds).

My MIL is staying with me this week while hubby is away for a conference. She loves pizza and I found a coupon for a brand new DiGiorno Foccia pizza. Normal price is $7.09 and it was on sale for $5.99 at Fred Meyer. Then I had a $1 off coupon. So I saved $2.10 and it will be dinner for us one night this week (plus lunch with left overs).

Total savings at Fred Meyer (with coupons and sale items) = $43.12

I then headed out to Costco because I was almost out of Laughing Cow Cheese. It's such a great deal there than buying them individually at the store. It's $8.29 for four of them and they can be anywhere from $3 to $5 a piece at the store. I also ended up buying some things that weren't necessary but ... yeah.

I bought two books and two pairs of shorts. The only pair of shorts I have that fit me are a pair that hubby doesn't fit into. So sad. So I bought two pairs...each less than $20.

I did have coupons and saved $9.25 on coupons. Plus I had my Costco rebate check for $34.75. So I saved a total of $44. Pretty much the cost of my shorts. And the books pretty much ate up my savings from Fred Meyer. So I'm not going to transfer anything to my ING account this week. But it's nice to have two new books and some new shorts. :) I haven't bought myself new clothes in AGES.

Next week Macy's is having their Memorial Day sale and I have a gift card. I know what I'll be doing! =D

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gigibelts said...

I suck at coupons although today I did save $2 in a pack of diapers because I remembered to put the coupon in my diaper bag....yay me! lol.