Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Monday Morning!

Wow...that weekend sure does fly by. I even forgot to participate in the fun Camera Critter's photo meme on Sunday. It was a bit busy yesterday. While I love visiting with family and celebrating holidays like Mother's day, it does throw me off my routine.

Routine is very important to me. I do not like sudden changes of plans or variance from an already scheduled event. My weekends are fairly uniform. Friday I like to come home after work and prepare any jewelry orders while I watch TV. Saturday morning I prefer to sleep in at least a little bit and run to the farmer's market. If I don't get groceries on Saturday I do so after Agility lessons on Sunday.

Why is it that I can drag my carcass out of bed for agility and not for church? I do feel slightly guilty about that since I haven't been to church in ... oh let's see ... ages! Like years. Part of the problem is that I have to go by myself and I hate that. And my church is 30 minutes away. Agility is only 10. Obviously that is a really bad excuse.

Anyway, yesterday I took Trooper to agility and had SO much fun. Even though it rained on us outside on the course. He's doing SOOOOO amazing and I want to ask the trainer how long we'll have to train before we can actually do a competition. I expect her to say at least one year but we'll see.

And now, another 'conversation' ... Part II of Customer Service Expectations.

Have a Happy week!

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