Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Adventures in Couponing

I think I took it to the next level this least for me. I've been learning a TON at Hot Coupon World, including how the Walgreens rebate program works. I rarely shopped at Walgreens before this week.

I got a free toothbrush and a pack of 4 light bulbs. For free! Actually plus 10% which is like getting paid to buy the products.

On top of that I got some great deals on some products that will get me some rebates back, plus 10% on a Walgreens gift card. My MIL needed some Tylenol Arthritis and they had them packaged up buy one get one free for $9.99 but they rang up as $6.99. And I had a $1 off coupon. So I got two bottles of Tylenol Arthritis for $5.99. And the $6.99 price counts toward a rebate.

Then I got 2 Walgreens brand "Tylenol" 150 count for $11.98. This brought my total to $18.97 and unfortunately I needed to spend $20 to get a $10 rebate. So I went back in and got two Icy Hot Gels for $9.73. Hubby uses it and my MIL needed it too. So I spent a total of $28.70 and will get $10 back in rebate. I saved more than $10 though with the items being on sale. And they're items we'll use.

And on top of that I bought a 16 pack of Duracell batteries - regularly $11.99, on sale for $8.99. Then I had two coupons totaling $1.55 off and I get a $3 rebate. So $4.44 for a 16 pack AA batteries.

But one of my favorite deals was on Old El Paso products. I had a coupon printed off for $1 off two products. Then I realized that they were on sale at Fred Meyer for 10/$10 ($1 each item). THEN I found a stick on coupon (the kind you peel off the product) for a free Old El Paso seasoning with two products purchased. So I got three Old El Paso products for a grand total of $1. *grin* I also snagged an extra peel off coupon and I still have on $1 off coupon. We'll definitely be having tacos in the next two weeks. :)

And on Thursday last week I too my MIL to Freddy's for her groceries and picked up a few things while I was there. Including a Spanking deal on hot dogs! They were regularly $2.99, on sale for $1.25 but I had a coupon to get them for $0.69 each!!!!!! That's $17.94 worth of hot dogs for $4.14 for a savings of $13.80.

Of course the hot dogs are for Trooper. I'm not going to eat them (they aren't the yummy all white turkey meat dogs...they're the gross pork, beef, and turkey kind) but he goes crazy for them during agility training. And they should last quite a while. I'm limiting him to three dogs per class, which makes 6 dogs a week. We'll go through those six packages in 8 weeks.

All in all it was a fairly successful shopping spree. I've still got a ton to learn about pairing up coupons with sale items and getting free things though. =)

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