Friday, May 30, 2008

I Drive too Slow

Apparently I drive too slow. At least that is what the consensus appears to be at this time. Hubby gets annoyed when I drive and wants me to speed up - which is funny since he's a cop.

And when people get behind me, especially at a stop light, I can tell they're annoyed when I take a little longer to get up to speed than most.

But you know what?


This morning some yahoo was RIGHT on my butt. I could not see his headlights! I had just turned right onto a road and he turned from the other direction (he turned left) immediately after me and dang near hit me. Then he throws up his hands because I don't floor it and get up to 40 in 2 seconds.

Pardon me but I'd rather not waste my gas. He doesn't have to pay my bill does he?

I have been driving slower because gas is expensive and the slower you drive the more you save. I don't do jack rabbit starts and I take a little extra time to get up to speed - trying to keep the RPMs under 2 when I can (this doesn't work as well on the freeway ramps).

When there's no one behind me I might even drive 10-15 miles UNDER the speed limit. But I do get up to the speed limit when there is traffic on the road. People obviously aren't *that* concerned with the price of gas by the way they are driving.

The yahoo this morning finally passed me (and waved, which I thought was pretty funny) and sped off. I just thought, he must like paying for gas.

I get SO mad at hubby when he drives the truck and floors it. He says 'it's only gas' and I get even more annoyed. At $4.15 a gallon, and a truck that takes more than $100 to fill up, there is NO reason to drive aggressively.

Needless to say, I've been doing most of the driving lately. If only to conserve gas. When he drives our MPG dip down to 14.9 or 15 and when I do most of the driving they edge back up to 15.4+. I know it's pathetic but we got the truck for the dogs and need it to haul them and us around. Thankfully it's not a commuting truck. I drive my car, which gets at least 30 mpg and I try to use it for running errands too.

How are you working to save gas? Has your driving changed? Mine sure has!!!

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Rebecca said...

I think you are absolutely correct for driving more slowly. I hate it when those speed demons treat people like that, when they are in the wrong. However, I've heard it said that it is more dangerous to go TOO slow than TOO fast in some cases. I am considered a "slow" driver, but that's because I just go the speed limit, never above it. Go figure!