Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HYC - Week One Update

Well, my first Healthy You challenge week went okay. The last few days I've not been doing so good food wise. But my activity level has been pretty high. Between agility training with Trooper and running around doing errands and cleaning house my legs have been pretty sore all week. And I've felt just exhausted. Even though I took two days off work and had a five day weekend.

I'm sure my weight is up a bit. I haven't weighed myself yet. But my jeans were super loose and falling off my hips.

However, the last three nights I've had ice cream. *sigh* Not only that but I didn't eat a lot during the day and then had big meals at night. If I ever do end up working from home I'm going to have to get on a set schedule like I have at work right now. My eating habits aren't as set when I'm home. :( And I seem to get so busy at home that I just forget to eat.

But things are going back to normal with work and my schedule. Falling back doesn't mean failure!


Lillian said...

Welcome to HYC. I wish you all kinds of success.

Mama Bear June said...

It's always good to have the determination to get right back into the game!
Path to Health

dadivastreet said...

Kudos on the loose fitting jean! Something is working for you! Get back on track & have a good week!