Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dang It...Why the Dogs?

Why do they have to kill the dogs in movies? We're watching I Am Legend and damn it! I was having a perfectly wonderful day. Why didn't anyone warn me that the dog has to freaking get infected and die!?!?!?!?!?! I am SO pissed. I am beyond pissed. I don't need help being depressed. Crying is not healthy for me! And I react way too emotionally to movies (and TV, commercials, and even books).

I was SO already attached to Sam (the dog). And they go and kill her off. Damn them.

What a freaking depressing ass movie. =(

Of course it isn't over yet. But at the moment he's talking to a manican and begging it to say hello to him. For Pete sake.

I'm blaming my cousin Logan. He said it was a good movie. Then again he probably didn't cry when the doggy had to die.

Oh great...HE is the cure. And of course the monsters want to kill him. Sheesh. Of all the insane things. What happened to the happy freaking ending???

At least she believed in God. And God led her to the survivors.

I won't be watching this movie again. I do NOT need to cry. And I will cry again. Just thinking about the dog ... oh jeez...there I go again.


haleyhughes said...

I know!

They broke the unwritten rule and killed the dog. Ruined the movie. (OK, I had a few other problems, but that was the big one.)

Annie said...

I got caught in the same trap!! We put off watching the movie for a few weeks right after our dog died because we weren't strong enough to watch a movie with a dog as a devoted companion. We had NO idea they killed the dog. When we finally watched it, we were completely wrecked!!!