Saturday, May 10, 2008

Survey Conversation - Customer Service

I PRIDE myself on my customer service. I think it is supremely important that small businesses do everything possible to distinguish themselves from the 'big boys' and box stores. Plus I want everyone who purchases my jewelry to be happy and satisfied. People who have a good experience are more likely to tell others and come back later. But most importantly, I treat people how I expect to be treated and I have very high standards.


Rosanne said...

From a Buyer's point of view I can tell you how important good Customer Service is to me. I am trying to buy as much Indie as possible now. And the shop that has the best customer service or who goes out of their way to treat me well is the shop I am going to remember and come back to. Megan, you go out of your way to respond to each sale with a nice message and then when I get your jewelry in the mail it is always nicely packaged, wrapped AND there is ALWAYS a Thank You. Just a little goes a long way in my book. To the sellers that do not take care of how they wrap, who do not put any kind of invoice or even a business card...I will not be back. You don't seem to have pride in your work, so why should I come back?
I also have to say that including coupons is another great idea! I love getting the Totally Indie Coupons. I think that is another great thing that a seller can do.
Good topic Megan!

CastoCreations said...

Thank you Rosanne! =) You are so awesome. I wish all shoppers were as rockin' as you. lol