Thursday, May 1, 2008

Save a Puppy - Stop the Cycle

These sweeties, 21 puppies in total, are being fostered and provided for by Saving Shelter Pets (a wonderful charity that I love supporting). Their mama is being spayed and all the puppies will get their shots and treatment until they are adopted.

Read their story at HoundsGood and consider donating a few dollars to help with their care. Every little bit helps.


Lindsay said...

Twenty one puppies. Wow, that is a lot. I hope they all find good homes. Their mom, too.

jennsquared said...

Wow! That's a lot of puppies! Look at how cute they are!!! I want to take them all home! :) But I know I can't. I hope they all find a good home!

houndsgood said...

Thanks so much for picking up this story! The puppies you are showing are 30 lbs each (!) as they are elkhound/bulldog. 21 pups are from 5 litters.

Basically, if at all possible, the owners of the momma dog keep the after they receive their shots for 14 more days. Most of the time if they know the puppies are leaving for sure they will agree to this. The 14 days gives the puppies a quarantine time to make sure they are in good health before travelling.