Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Customer Service Conversation Part 4

I think they're almost done with this Customer Service conversation. Phew! Part 4 is interesting though.

Don't you hate those annoying pop up surveys you get when visiting a site? I LOATHE them. If I want to take a survey I know where I can go online. There are dozens upon dozens of websites that will reward me for taking a survey.

A survey at the end of a purchase that isn't a pop up is okay. I don't mind answering how I enjoyed my experience (or didn't).

The worst is when I close out of a window and get another screen popping up. :( GRRR! I hate that with the passion of a thousand suns burning in the heavens forever. I wanted to leave so leave me alone!

Anyhoo...I promise promise promise to never install any stupid pop up ads or surveys here or on any of my other sites. EVER!

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