Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go Boom Boom Fall Down

Ouch. I am not 16 anymore. Tonight just reminded me of that fact.

We had agility again and Trooper was doing excellent, of course. We were doing a Chute, Jump, Jump run and at the first jump I feel my foot sort of hit an uneven patch of ground and my leg sticks and I start to wobble, shake, and try to catch myself.

Nope. About my third stumble I give up trying to stay righted and down I go. I literally tumbled. And I laid there for a few seconds, the wind knocked out of me, trying to assess the damage.

It brought tears to my eyes, not necessarily because I was in a ton of pain, but the shock of it all. The trainer came over and I pushed up off the ground and limped over to Trooper, who had finished the run. GOOD BOY! =)

And now my entire body HURTS. My neck, my hip (an old injury), and the back of my thigh.

As my husband so kindly pointed out - it's supposed to be Agility Training. Not fall down on your butt training.

har har.


Rosanne said...

OUCH!! I hope you are feeling better. That's rough. I know you are ONLY 30, but as we get older, our bodies are not as kind to us anymore. We can't just hop back up like we did when we were little kids. So be careful my friend!!

Jennifer said...

Get some rest and feel better soon. Those old injuries are the pits

Bunny B said...

Oh dear! Hope you get well soon! Have a restful weekend!!

feefifoto said...

Oy -- hope you feel better soon. I've been contemplating taking agility classes with my puppy, but I'm a first class klutz even on my best days, so I'm afraid of breaking every bone in my body.

Jennifer said...

OUCH!!! Soooo sorry Megan!!! Sounds like we have another thing in common.... LOLOL.....our GRACE!!!

*neener* XOXO - Jen

gigibelts said...

Aww, that sucks... Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read what your husband said.